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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

When the Taboo in the Society about Sexuality Caused a Divorce!

Since a girl is born, at every point of time people keep her reminding that she is born for a great purpose- to get married, to serve her in-laws and keep her husband and family happy. Oops.. sorry. Super happy!

 “ You don’t know cooking? Then what will you give you in-laws to eat?” As if they are on a hunger strike until a girl marry to their son. “You are so indiscipline, how you gonna survive after marriage?” ...and so on. 
But between all these lines, they never ever mention about the sex, an integral part of a healthy marriage. That is banned in girl’s dictionaries. 

However, after marriage, you're supposed to have as much of sex as you can and have a big family. 
In Indian culture they think it as the act of sin to think or discuss about sex before marriage. And this thought is so deeply rooted inside some girls psyche that they find it difficult to make this move after after marriage. 
Many times before, few of the newly wed brides have shared their depressing experiences and recently I got to read a story where a husband decided to open up on this and narrate his experience with his wife on Quora that how the taboo around sex in our country broke his marriage, and it is really heart rendering. 

We hope that no other girl is brought up to believe that sexuality is a sin.

Here it is in his own words:
 Our family arranged our match when I was 27 and she was 25. She seemed like a beautiful, educated and well spoken woman. Before our families made the match official, all I asked her was if she wants to get married out of free will (as opposed to family pressure) and if there is someone else she wants to be with.

We got engaged and had a 4 month courtship period. We chatted and went on dates. I have female friends and I know how confusing this time can get for girls. I wanted to respect her space and didn’t make a move to get physically intimate. She said she was a virgin. I, too, was a virgin so I thought she might be feeling shy talking about the details.
Cut to our first night and we were at my parent’s home. I talked, showered her with compliments gifts and sang for her. After making the atmosphere extremely romantic, I leaned in for a kiss. To my horror, she jumped back. I was horrified that I had scared her. She said she didn’t feel comfortable, so I let it be.

A week later, we kissed. Another 2 weeks later, she was *letting* me take off her clothes. I tried to stimulate her by caressing her breasts, back, neck in a lot of different ways but she never seemed to be aroused. In fact one day, to my horror, she ran into the bathroom and I could hear her sobbing. I felt guilty.

3 months passed and we still hadn’t had sex. I tried everything. I got her flowers, chocolates, gifts, cooked, sang for her, took her to dates, invited her friends over, cuddled and talked with her. I did everything Google came up with when I searched ‘romantic’. I was a good husband.

She couldn’t give me one reason for her behaviour because according to her she did love me & was attracted to me. She went to her parent’s place as we needed some time to clear out minds.

Then we finally had sex. I was ecstatic but she lay there with an expression like she was tolerating it. I dismissed it as the discomfort of her first time.

About 8 months passed, she was still unresponsive. She never initiated anything and was always reluctant about anything new. After months of me nagging her about not telling me what she liked or disliked so that I can make sex better for her, she one day had a mental breakdown. She broke down crying loudly and didn’t stop for 2 hours. Between her mumbling & shouting, all I could understand was that she hated sex and felt dirty every time I touched her.

Next day, I took her to a psychiatrist despite her revolts. The way she was reacting was not normal, but very scary for me. After 2–3 weeks for sittings, the doctor said that she had spent all her life hiding away from her own sexuality and that she has become averse to sex. She suppressed her sexual feelings to stay a virgin. So she couldn’t embrace her sexuality even when it was with her husband.

The doctor said this complex is very common with Indian women and is never diagnosed. When porn, sex scenes in movies, masturbation, premarital sex is seen as something ‘bad’, it subconsciously makes sex an overall toxic thing for women and they suffer through it only as part of their wifely duties.

Despite being educated, having male friends, and a normal middle class upbringing, my ex-wife had suppressed her sexuality. She was averse to sex for a decade of her life after puberty, and society’s approval of marital sex didn’t make sex ok in her mind.

Having sex with me was torture for her. And it would have gone unnoticed if I didn’t keep pressuring her to be more responsive and involved.
Today we are divorced. We talked intensively among ourselves, discussed with her psychiatrist, and went to couples’ counselling. It was the best decision for the both of us. She is single, happy, successful at her job, regained the health she lost during the year we were married, and sees a psychiatric to become a healthy sexual adult. 

Even if she stays celibate all her life, she is now on the road to feel more free and unburdened everyday.

let it go
I can only imagine the trauma my ex-wife went through before her diagnosis. I just hope we someday live in a world where sex isn’t seen as a sin and girls aren’t subconsciously taught to be virginal and submissive. I hope no girl has to go through this trauma again. ”

source : Quora

Friday, November 25, 2016

Exchange of scrapped notes ends, deposit them in banks till December 30

Exchange of scraped notes ends
Over-the-counter exchange of high value notes, which were scrapped earlier this month, will stop from Friday, the government announced on Thursday. However, it also extended use of the Rs 500 note for some specific purposes up to December 15. "It has been observed that over-the-counter exchange of old currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denominations has shown a declining trend," a finance ministry statement said after the government reviewed the situation.

"It has further been felt that people may be encouraged and facilitated to deposit their old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes in their bank accounts. This will encourage people who are still unbanked to open bank accounts," it said.

From November 25 onwards, old notes can only be deposited in banks until December 30.

The government had permitted various exemptions for certain transactions and activities, such as buying cooking gas cylinders and railway tickets, payments at government hospitals, pharmacies, toll plazas and petrol pumps where payment could be made through old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes up to November 24. It has now decided to extend the use of only the Rs 500 note for these transactions up to December 15. Use of the Rs 1,000 rupee note will not be allowed.

You can also use old Rs 500 notes to pay school and college fees. These entities must be central, state government, municipality or local body schools or colleges. Old notes can also be used for pre-paid mobile topup to a limit of Rs 500. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

GREY – The New Shade For Indian Brides!

Have you ever seen an Indian girl in Grey bridal dress? Yep, you heard right. GREY!!!!

indian Girl

Many celebrity brides had worn different colors other than red for their engagement and wedding and set the trend. But this Grey is definitely something new and will become yet another successful example of deviance from the colors other than red, pink, golden, yellowish and orange.


Author Swati Kumari was looking stunningly gorgeous in her Grey Lehnga teamed up with a peach dupatta at her engagement.  She carried it all off so effortlessly and graciously.


“Author begins the next chapter of her real life love story!” wrote Meow Studio sharing her engagement pics on facebook. 

While the young authors in India debut with the love stories, Swati Kumari’s first novel was a realistic women fiction. She has also authored Amayra- the essence of life, the world’s first photo-story book on depression and suicide prevention that is a self-help book in the form of fiction. In an interview with Winner Hands, Swati had said that her next book would be a love story. However, this news is about beginning of her real life love story.

Congratulations Swati and Prabhat We hope to read a love story from you soon!


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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Wonderful Masterpiece created on the walls of Danapur Railway Station by the Artists of Walk for Bihar is getting viral on the social media.

Pictures of the wonderful masterpiece created on the walls of Danapur Railway Station by the artists of Walk for Bihar is getting viral on the social media. It is amazing to see such beautiful art in Patna. The Street Art at Danapur station is dedicated to the great mathematician Aryabhatta.  


People of Patna will see more of this Street Art in the town by the end of November. You can also see one being made on the walls of NIFT, Patna. It is being made by famous Street Art artist Artez, who is from Serbia. There are many more places in town.


Who are the artists of Walk of Bihar?


A group of film makers and Artists from Mumbai who are organizing a month-long, massive Public Art Festival in Bihar’s capital city, Patna. Each Artist will produce larger-than-life original Artworks on the facades of public and private buildings. With the help of innovative and radical Street Art, Sculptures and Video Installations, they aim to give a clarion call for realizing Bihar’s potential in development, social justice and human liberty.

“Aryabhatta,one of the scientist of ancient India, who digitalised the world by inventing the number 0.
Yes, "I WAS HERE", in the land where 0 was invented. I am so glad that I got a chance to paint the full facade of Danapur Railway Station  in WALK FOR BIHAR festival in my own style of comic book illustration. The wall stands there talking about the forgotten hero.
 Says Nilesh Kharade. 

Visiual artist Nilesh started painting at an early age of 8. After persuing his Diploma in Fine Arts from Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune, he worked on realistic and gurative compositions where he made a mark in producing water colour textures and patterns. Nilesh is deeply inspired by renowned Indian artist Vasudeo Kamat. He has handled socially driven subjects like music, humanity, forms of energy, local heritage,global warming, terrorism etc. through his art. He also spent few years teaching at Sai College of Art, Pune.

Later Nilesh found his inclination towards Street Art as a form of expression and aspires to make his art reach out through the form of street art. Worked for many corporate offices and painted numerous public locations in Pune under the Street Art fraternity, today Nilesh works as a full time visual artist out of his studio in Pune.

Painting and Sculpture Locations in Patna

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Ranveer-Deepika Put An End To Breakup Rumours In The Steamiest Way Possible

Rumours of Deepika Padukone going through a rough spot and Ranveer Singh happen to be doing the rounds since a while. While both the celebrities have rubbished these reports inside their own manner, this news shows the love is more powerful than ever.
According to report in Stardust, Deepika and Ranveer were recently spotted together near a car showroom and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company to the fullest.
They held hands and kissed each other quite passionately. Now, that’s how you put an end to all baseless rumours and make a statement. Way to go Deep-Veer!
On a related note, Deepika is currently gearing up for the release of her maiden Hollywood film 'XXX: The Return of Xander Cage'. In it, she will be seen opposite Vin Diesel.
As far as Ranveer is concerned, he will soon be seen in Aditya Chopra’s ‘Befikre’. In the romantic-drama, he will be seen opposite Vaani Kapoor.
Interestingly, the two will also be seen in ‘Padmavati’, which is slated to hit screens next year. Touted to be a period romantic drama, it also features Shahid Kapoor in the lead.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Why thousands of women in Iceland walked off the job at 2:38 p.m

For thousands of women in Iceland on Monday, fighting for equal rights meant ditching out on work early. 

Women across the country powered down their smartphones, closed their laptops, and canceled meetings at 2:38 p.m. to protest the gender pay gap, according to an Iceland Review report.

Why 2:38? The protestors didn't just choose a random time.

Women in Iceland make roughly 18% less than their male counterparts, according to the latest European Union data. Which is good, compared to a lot of other countries — including the United States (which ranks 28th on the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Report; Iceland is first). But still pretty unfair.

Unless, of course, their work day was 18% shorter. Which means they'd get out at 2:38 p.m.

This isn't the first time women in Iceland have gone on strike.

A photo posted by Áslaug Lárusdóttir (@aslauglar_) on

In 1975, labor unions and women's rights organizations in the country organized the first Women's Day Off. According to a BBC report, 90% of women in the country participated, including domestic workers and stay-at-home mothers. The strike paralyzed the country, forcing many men to take their children into the office.

"Probably most people underestimated this day's impact at that time — later both men and women began to realise that it was a watershed," Styrmir Gunnarsson, a former newspaper editor, told the BBC.

Iceland's (and Europe's) first female president, Vigdis Finnbogadottir, who joined that first protest 40 years ago, believes the mass demonstration helped pave the way for her election five years later.

This 2016 protest is the fourth time Iceland's women have gone on strike — and the time of the walkout has gotten progressively later with each one as women's relative wages have increased.

In 2005, protestors walked off the job at 2:08 p.m. In 2008, they left at 2:25.

But 2:38 p.m. is still not late enough!

A photo posted by Dóra Júlía Agnarsdóttir (@dorajulia) on

At that rate, the wage gap in Iceland will take more than 50 years to close on its own. A WEF report estimates that the global wage gap may take as long as 118 years to sew up. But if the first protest changed the way the country values women's labor, then perhaps the pressure from more massive events can speed up the clock.

A photo posted by Reykjavik Grapevine (@rvkgrapevine) on

Perhaps on a Women's Day Off not too long in the future, they'll be skipping out at the end of the day with their male colleagues.

Monday, October 31, 2016

This Short Film On Celebrating Diwali Will Make You Miss Your Childhood

Diwali festivities don’t just bring along the fragrance of sweets and the beauty of lights, but also takes us on a trip down memory lane.

One thing that makes Diwali even more special is recalling the excitement we shared for this festival while we were kids. From getting ready early in the morning and waiting for the puja, to bursting firecrackers, every memory gets us nostalgic even today! Amidst these cherished childhood memories, what really gets us emotional is remembering how we celebrated Diwali in school with our friends.

Every year Diwali arrived a little early in school as the corridors rang with laughter. For all those who spent their childhood in boarding schools, Diwali brought along mixed emotions. The happiness of going home and the sadness of saying goodbye to your close-knit family away from home was definitely a bittersweet moment. In a beautiful short filmSnapdeal has captured this very emotion that every student and teacher goes through when the time comes to part during the festival. This film will surely leave everyone teary-eyed.

Beauty lies in the Mind-Blowing art of the photography as well..!!

Being a photographer is much more than clicking a picture. The genius photographers like  Felix Hernandez Rodriguez illustrate their fantasy as a magical realism who is known to take small objects and photograph them with a very different outlook.


When you see the photos clicked by him in the exotic locations, it is unbelievable that the locations are nowhere other than his studio.



Even when Audi asked him to photograph their new $160,000 sports car Audi R8, and he did it with his own approach and used a $40 toy model of the car instead of using an actual car for the photo shoot


About Felix:

Felix Hernandez is a commercial photographer, digital artist and graphic designer based In Cancun, Mexico. He produces creative concepts and imagery for clients of his own creative firm as well for other ad agencies and clients around the world. He also has wrote articles by assignment for different photo magazines like: Retouched Magazine, DOCMA, Digital Camera, Digital SLR Photography, Digital Photo, Good Light Magazine, etc..., and has been published in sites like; Fstopers, petapixel, 500px, DIY Photography, Retouching Academy, Canon, Audi Deutschland, Daily Mail, amongst others.
 In recent years his work with scaled models (toys) has gone viral, shared and published all over the world. Working at studio or at location he mixes traditional "on camera" techniques with digital manipulation to achieve realistic images and bring his scale models to life.

Felix puts special attention to the concept creation as well to the technical side. For him, photography is not to portrait what there exists but to portrait what exists in him.
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Sanitary Napkin or the Condoms: What should be available free of cost ?

A woman from Kenya, Jaqi Jb W, has begun the debate on the social media by posting her photo with a sanitary napkin packet citing that “SANITARY PADS should be FREE condoms should be sold. Sex is a choice whereas menstruation ISN'T ...lots of girls are suffering out there because they can't afford pads. Please help me campaign this issue by sharing this post #Jointhecampaign #keepthegirlsinschool

cause fb screenshot
Thousands of people have liked it and by now, around 21,783 peoples have shared it on the facebook until now.

Where many people are applauding and supporting her initiative, there are people who are criticizing her for comparing the necessity of sanitary napkins with the condoms.

It is a fact that many countries have a free condoms program to encourage the use of condoms to prevent HIV/AIDS. However, there is no program for the free sanitary napkins when 70 % of all reproductive diseases are caused by poor menstrual hygiene.

Before Jaqi Jb W, a man from Coimbatore-India, Arunachalam Muruganantham has dedicated a huge portion of his life to developing a machine that can produce low-cost sanitary pads for generating awareness about traditional unhygienic practices around menstruation in rural India.

In 2014, TIME magazine placed him in its list of 100 Most Influential People in the World. In 2016, he was awarded Padma Shri by Government of India.

For many, buying sanitary pads is as easy as buying bread and milk. But, sanitary pads are an unaffordable luxury for countless girls and women in many parts of the world. They are at a permanent disadvantage as they are forced to stay at home, as they are unable to afford this basic necessity.

Sanitary pads are sold at a rate of 40 times the cost of the main ingredient – cotton and less percentage of women can afford to buy sanitary pads. The rest of them who are in resource-poor settings, improvise makeshift pads from old clothes, rags, newspapers, bits of mattress, and other readily available materials.

A great initiative Jaqi Jb W, we support your cause!!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

5 Places You Must Try For A Delicious Sunday Brunch In Bangaore

Bangalore like any other city is always on the run. It houses a large number of professionals living away from their home for the sake of their career and for them eating outside on most days is a routine.

But when it’s a weekend, the thought of eating delicious food starts engulfing our mind. Here is the list of some of the pocket-friendly and good restaurants in Bangalore.

Om Made Cafe

Om Made Cafe
Known-for: Their alfresco dining experience
Price: Rs 1500 for two people (approx). 
Cuisines: Continental, Italian, Cafe, European
Address: No. 136, Ever Green Park, Fourth Floor, 1st Cross Road, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095


Known-for: Their wide variety of burgers and desserts.
Price: Rs 700 for two people (approx).
Cuisines: American, Burger, Café.
Address: 28, 4th 'B' Cross, Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore

The Hole in the Wall Café

Hole In The Wall Cafe
Known-for: Their extensive breakfast menu.
Price: Rs 600 for two people (approx).
Cuisines: Café, American
Address: 4, 8th Main Road, 4th Block, Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore


Known-for: Their unlimited pizza and dessert combo.
Price: Rs 600 for two people (approx).
Cuisines: Pizza, Café, Italian.

Address: 562, 8th Main, 4th Block, Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore

Over The Top Terrace Lounge

Over The Top Terrace Lounge
Known-for: Their weekend events especially their standup comedies.
Price: ₹1,400 for two people (approx.) with alcohol and ₹160  for a pint of beer (approx.)
Cuisines: Continental, North Indian
Address: 2, 2nd Floor, 100 Feet Road, Above Enigma, Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Science Has Finally Decoded What Dogs Dream And This Is Very Touching

We all know the silly scene of a dog, deep in slumber, energetically scuffling its paws in the mime of a fast run.

Looking from the outside, it’s hard not to wonder what’s going on in their heads. USA Network conducted a study on decoding sleep and asked Americans whose dreams they would like to hack if given the chance? 

And guess what, Pets were top of the list!!

Dr. Barrett who is a teacher and a Clinical and Evolutionary Psychologist at Harvard Medical School told "Humans dream about the same things they’re interested in by day, though more visually and less logically. And there’s no reason to think animals are any different. Since dogs are generally extremely attached to their human owners, it’s likely your dog is dreaming of your face, your smell and of pleasing or annoying you."

A tweet that puts Dr. Barrett’s finding is going viral with more than 64000 retweets and 96000 likes.

Now the next time you see your dog sleeping, it has a great probablity that they are dreaming about you.

And Here We Are, Kabaddi World Cup 2016 Champions!!

The finals of the Kabaddi World Cup 2016 was between the two stallions of the sport- India and Iran. 

Both the skippers posing with the trophy just before the match:-

Though India was struggling in the first half with Iran leading the first half, they made a heroic comeback in the second half to win the kabaddi world cup third time in a row by beating Iran by 38-29.

Before the match, India's skipper Anup Kumar sent a message to everyone. This is what it says:

After registering a terrific win against Iran, social media got flooded with messages from people across the globe congratulating team India.

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